Test your knowledge from geography!
Become geography master! Test your knowledge from geography!
Become geography master!
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Continents and countries


In this test, you will find questions on capital cities and their countries. At the beginning, choose amount of questions and the continent for generating questions to our quiz. You can choose any continent except Antarctica. And of course, you can create test questions also from whole world. Press button for test starting. All questions will be displayed and time will be counted. Read all questions carefully and answer them!

"Good luck with passing geographical exams!"
Final score calculation depends on amount of correct answers and time, how long you have been working on the test. Every correct answer is worthy 10 points. Every 20 seconds of duration of the test means minus one point. There is no point for wrong answer or unfilled answer. More points you get, better result you have.
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The questions are generated randomly. You can improve you knowledge of geography by repeating this test.

Example of questions

Example of questions you can fnd in this test:

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